To repair or replace: how can you decide?

To repair or replace: how can you decide?

As consumers of electrical goods, such as cookers, fridges, freezers, and washing machines, we have more options than ever. Prices for new appliances have fallen so far over the past few decades that when problems occur, we often think of replacement first, and assume that repair will be the costly option or that the appliance is irrevocably past its best.

But the basis for our ‘disposable culture’ is often a myth, especially when it comes to these larger household items, and it is worth looking into repair for your appliance. Here is why:

  • Cost: a good household repair company will provide a free, no obligation quote on any repair, so you can judge whether a repair is the more attractive option when it comes to your purse.
  • Time and convenience: Breakdowns or faults are often caused by wear and tear to a component – repair with a fast, efficient company could have that replaced in next to no time, providing a convenient, time-saving service. Compare that to the job of shopping for a new appliance, then waiting in for delivery, and then waiting again for installation.
  • Waste: getting rid of an old appliance can be tricky, and you may end up paying to have it taken away. With repair as an option you can avoid this problem altogether and keep your familiar electrical appliance too.

Get a quote for your repair

It is easy to find out if repair is the right option for you. Just call Appliance Repair Express and we will provide an assessment and a quote right away. We are a repair business with many customers in your area, a customer service ethos, and many commonly used parts already in stock – we are ready and waiting to save you a great deal of time and money against replacement, today!


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