Common cooker faults

Common cooker faults

A cooker is something that we largely take for granted in the home – so it’s hard to envisage how we would copy if suddenly it stopped working. No more Sunday roasts or midweek lasagne, not only would you finances suffer from forking out for expensive takeaways but also the potentially larger outlay of a new cooker.

However, most of the time, a professional cooker repairs company can easily fix the faults that cause our cookers to cease working. Working out of Solihull and Birmingham, Appliance Repair Express is a thriving business that can offer same day repair. Below is a list of some of the most common faults that they put right with their cooker repair service.

Cooker oven not heating up

Typically, it should only take a minute or so for you to start feeling some warmth emanating from your cooker oven. If your cooker still isn’t heating up quickly enough, or not at all, then either the fan element or oven elements have likely blown. Parts for these faults are easy to come by and can be replaced cost-effectively by a good cooker repairs firm.

Overheating oven

Do you tend to burn a lot of food in your oven? Even when you set the temperature of the oven correctly and cook the food for the required amount of time, you can still cremate a roast. Well, it may not be down to your culinary skills. Your charred food will be a result of a faulty oven thermostat causing the oven to cook at a higher temperature.

Oven keeps cutting out

Cutting out ovens can again be due to a faulty thermostat unless you notice that your oven begins to make some strange noises before cutting out. If it does, this will likely be an issue with the cooling fan.

If you live in the Solihull and Birmingham area and are looking to save money on buying a new cooker, call Alliance Repair Express for a free quote and expert advice on any cooker repair.


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