Frequently Asked Questions

The moment you notice an appliance is not behaving properly or it stops working, you should call your repair service. Don’t wait because waiting can make the problem worse and more expensive to fix.

We repair most major brand washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers and other electrical appliances.

In general, it’s far more economical to repair an appliance than to replace it. Not only does throwing away an appliance create waste, but some of the materials in these appliances can be harmful to the environment. Furthermore, it incurs additional costs of delivery and installation.

We can only give a quote for a repair after a technician has inspected and diagnosed the appliance in person.

Look for a company with many years of experience in appliance service and repair. Check to ensure the company is reputable and insured. Check out customer reviews and references and make sure the company has a good standing in the community.

We provide repair services in Birmingham, Solihull and the surrounding areas.

Yes, they do. With regular maintenance, you can avoid washing machine breakdowns, repair the leaks, or any other damage that could be caused.


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