How can cooker repairs save you money?

How can cooker repairs save you money?

If you’re feeling the pinch and your household budget is on a shoestring, you might consider having expensive electrical appliances repaired the next time one breaks down. Take your cooker, for instance, an everyday appliance that we use continuously and take for granted – until it isn’t there anymore. Unexpected problems can crop up at any time and burn a hole in your budget, and your food if your cooker’s on the blink. But wear and tear in appliances needn’t mean a buy now pay later panic purchase. For a lot less than you think your cooker is salvageable.

Problems with cookers are not insurmountable if you have the right technical knowledge and training. A well-skilled engineer should be able to quickly diagnose and fix many of the common problems associated with modern cookers. The key to finding a reputable and reliable electrical appliance engineer is to do your research first. And when you do find one, hold onto them — especially ones that provide the same day service, seven days a week like Appliance Repair Express. They have expertise across all widely used cooker brands and have been helping families in Birmingham keep hot cooked meals on the table.

Common cooker faults

Heating elements

The heat elements in electric cookers are necessary to generate the warmth needed. If one or both of them become defective, then your cooker will either take longer to reach temperature or won’t heat at all. At this point, you will need to call in an expert. These repairs are not overly complicated, but the elements are specific to the brand of the cooker, so it pays to have an electrical appliance engineer who knows what they are doing.

Grill element

The grill element works in primarily the same way as the main cooker heating elements. They generally break down after prolonged usage in one of two ways – through a shorted element or a burnt-out socket. Again, this is a quick and straightforward repair for a professional appliance engineer and a widespread fault in electric cookers.

Fan element and wiring

If you find that food is only partially cooked, then there’s a good chance that the fan element is faulty. With a fan breakdown heat isn’t evenly distributed, meaning the oven doesn’t cook food all the way through. A fan element replacement is slightly more technical than other repairs, so make sure you hire someone who understands what they are doing.

Cooker cuts out

An electric cooker with a tendency to cut out is an indicator of a faulty thermostat. If you notice an audible whirring before it cuts out, then the fault may be with the cooling fan.

There are many electrical components in a cooker that can become loose or wear out, like igniters. In all cases, it is prudent to call an appliances expert who can safely carry out repairs.

Faulty cooker door

A perished seal on a cooker door could result in heat loss from the cooker, causing it to be inefficient. These are easily replaced and can save you time and money. Cracked handles or glass may not affect the functionality of the cooker, but they are parts that will require repair.

Why hiring a professional engineer matters?

When dealing with any electrical appliance, the first concern must always be for safety. Electricity can be lethal so you must always hire a professionally trained engineer and never attempt any repairs yourself. Take your time to find the right company for your specific need, and you will enjoy the following benefits of cooker repair.

– A good technician that will quickly spot and diagnose a fault

– A professional appliance engineer that will repair the defect correctly and ensure your cooker is working optimally.

– As well as fixing the reported problem, a reputable engineer will also conduct a preventative check for wear and tear on appliances.

– Professionals are trained to work safely. You’re not.

– All of the above combined will save you the expense of cooker replacement, reduce energy bills and increase your cookers lifespan.

Appliance Repair Express is a hardworking, conscientious firm that is there for you when you need them most. They provide cooker support seven days a week and will always aim to fix your cooker the same day. They offer a no-obligation free quote, allowing you to weigh up the viability of repairing your cooker. Should you opt for repair, their high-quality work carries a guarantee for your assurance.


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