Consider cooker repairs over replacement

Consider cooker repairs over replacement

Where do you turn to for cooker repairs if your oven was to break unexpectedly? Sure, you may be able to fall back on using a microwave or even a portable hob, but these could never be long-term practical solutions for a family in Solihull. At Appliance Repair Express in Solihull, we specialise in all manner of cooker repairs from traditional freestanding ovens to built-in designs.

The types of cooker repair we carry out

There are many components to an oven and, generally, the more expensive it is; the more costly it can be to repair, although this isn’t always the case. Below is a list of the most common cooker repair scenarios we experience.

Top ovens and grill elements: Top ovens and grills contain safety features that prevent them from heating up unless the door is open and can be prone to breakdowns. Likewise, the metal elements within grills are another part that can cease working, but it straightforward and inexpensive to fix.

Loud fan ovens: Sometimes the covers for the fans can loosen inside the oven creating an unexpected and unwelcome noise while your cooker is in use. Again, this can be a simple fix for a well trained and experienced cooker engineer.

Inconsistent cooking temperatures: Blockages can prevent air circulating fully in a fan oven, causing cooking temperatures to differ from the ones selected. With the expert eye of one of our engineers, they can assess and identify the problem quickly so you can begin cooking up a storm again.

Try repairing before recycling

If you experience any of the common problems, we’ve detailed above, or any other issues related to your oven give us a call. We provide a free call out service in Solihull can provide you with a detailed quote, which may save you the trouble of buying a new cooker.


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